Thursday, November 19, 2009

If You Could Choose.....

If you could choose which services and amenities would be available to you, your parents, or your loved ones if they were attending and Adult Day Services Center, what would they be?

Would it be okay for them to sit in a multi-purpose room for several hours out of a day in quiet lethargy while listening to an oldies radio station, a scratched up frank Sinatra CD, or the continuous repeats offered by the AMC network(American Movie Classics)?

Would you prefer them to have the ability to sew, practice needlework, plant flowers, learn new recipes, play bingo, or have a choice of movie, game and tv rooms to visit? How about a huge indoor swimming pool? Maybe a beautiful pie shaped Spa? How about a manicure...or even a pedicure? A haircut, frosting or even just a shampoo?

These are all only a few of the many continuously ongoing services which will be available to our patrons once The Golden Years - TGY opens for business in July of 2011.

It will be a tremendous help to us if all of you who have experienced the need for these services in your family would send us your comments, questions, and advice on different amenities you would like to see offered. This input will be invaluable to us and to our investors in assuring that the funds allocated to and for this project are going toward segments that are both desirable and potentially lucrative from business and practical standpoints.

We will always welcome your questions, comments and concerns and look forward to your feedback.

Kurt J Dillon - CEO
The Golden Years - TGY

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